Lovely lovely London

My apologies for neglecting my little blog this past week – if you didn’t already know, Pieter and I got the incredible chance to spend 6 days in London! It was my first time in England and I fell head over heels in love with it. How could you not? Now I’ve got some pressing assignments to get to, but I can’t help but relive some of the trip.

We were truly magnificent tourists: on day one, we equipped ourselves with 7-day Oyster (transit) cards, London passes, and a heaping pile of maps and tourism brochures. Then we went out to see the world. Within three minutes of ‘alighting’ at Westminster station, we came across our first photo op.



For all the hype surrounding these, no one ever tells you how bad they smell!
Unfortunately, that face is candid.
Also, yes. It was snowing.

But we made the best of it! The afternoon went by in an excited frenzy: Big Ben, the parliament buildings, the Supreme Court, Trafalgar square, the National Gallery, our first of many trips to Prêt-à-Manger (now lovingly referred to as Pret, like the Brits!), and a mind-blowing stroll through Harrods, before sitting down to big plates of fish & chips. What a perfect way to start a fantastic trip.

The Supreme Court - court 3

The Supreme Court – court 3

Gorgeous sights on the way to the square.

Gorgeous sights on the way to the square.

Canada House!  Right on Trafalgar Square.

Canada House! Right on Trafalgar Square.


The next morning, after an absolutely huge English breakfast (complete with vegetarian sausage for me), we headed back out into the city. Westminster Abbey was our first priority. We weren’t disappointed! Much like Harrods, it was like walking through a whole other world.
We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, but the cloisters were just as beautiful so we seized the opportunity.



Keeping with the ‘extremely old and historic’ theme we had going on, we next headed for the Tower of London. It was PACKED with like-minded tourists, but that didn’t stop us from having a grand time!


Maybe too grand a time …



Next it was Tower Bridge, which offered beautiful views of the city, and then a meander through Borough Market before heading off to China Town for dinner and – of course – a show!





All of this in vicious winds, I might add!


Fortunately, mulled cider was in the cards.






We ended up enjoying ourselves a bit too much at the market, and had to rush through our China Town dinner to make it in time for … Jersey Boys! The show was really fantastic – I’ve never heard a man sing like that (live) before. Unbelievable! Plus, it was funny, gripping, and packed with great music.
Back at the hotel, we actually found out that the role of Frankie Valli was played by former member of S Club 7, Jon Lee. Pretty much a dream come true for my thirteen-year-old (and present) self.


I’ve been uploading pictures like a fiend and I’ve only reached the end of our second day, so I think it’s time to pause. It’ll be round two in a day or so!

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