London: metro zone 2

I’ve learned something very interesting today: while it takes me an hour to write up 500 words on this blog, it takes me an entire DAY to write the same amount for an essay. Totally inexplicable.

All I can think about is wonderful London, so I’m back already for part two of my trip!



On day 3, we made full use of our Oyster cards and ventured beyond zone 1, the centre of London, and out to Wimbledon. The sun was finally shining after two days of miserable weather, and so we unintentionally got off a stop early to walk through Wimbledon park. Birds were chirping, huge amount of people were out jogging, and we even got the chance to wear our sunglasses – it was a great start to the day!


After enjoying the museum, we got to experience Centre Court. I’m not much of a sports person, but this felt like a special experience all the same I have to say. I may even have resolved to learn to play tennis … must have been the sun.


In the afternoon we met an old friend of Pieter’s for a drink at Covent Gardens. Being the tourists we were, we actually had no idea that Covent Gardens were not in fact gardens and had expected there to be just one ‘micro brewery’ in sight … A misunderstanding that resulted in our wandering helplessly around the market until our friend could find us!



The rest of the afternoon was spent with a gorgeous, sunny walk through Hyde Park and a gawk at Buckingham Palace (how could I resist?), before we said our goodbyes – but not before we got ourselves invited for a Sunday roast! We spent a lovely hour at a charity bake sale hosted by the Londoner (a great source of food inspiration throughout the trip!) before exploring the Kensington gardens and playing a very competitive bowling match at Queen’s Ice & Bowl.
(I had my camera on a weird setting for most of the afternoon, so alas I have no pictures!)

Also, Pieter found haggis chips.


We woke up extra early the next morning as we were going to … the zoo!


The sun was out again and everyone was getting in on the action.




We got to play with some very friendly monkeys …




One of us may or may not have overstepped his boundaries and got bitten …


We re-fuelled ourselves with an ‘animal shake’, which turned out to be one of the best decisions we made that day: Maltesers, Crunchie bar and vanilla ice cream with a mountain of whipped cream and caramel sauce.


Apart from all of the animals, I loved the fact that the London zoo is very active in environmental conservation efforts. It’s nice to know that my squealing over how cute everything was actually went towards a good cause.



We ended up spending over six hours here, and had to rush to make it to dinner. Our friend had gone all out and made a full Sunday roast, complete with imitation chicken for me – it was so kind of him! We all left the table groaning, having stuffed ourselves with roast potatoes, carrots, peas, and my first-ever Yorkshire pudding. Who knew that wasn’t a sweet thing? To polish everything off, it was fruit cake and jam. We were truly spoiled.

I know I’m just repeating myself, but what a fantastic trip. I’ll be back for instalment three as soon as I can!

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