London: drool-worthy

On our fifth and final full day in London, Pieter and I decided to mix things up a little and combine the touristy with the ‘local’. (Or so I like to think.)


We spent the morning at the Natural History Museum, which was so unbelievably busy that we were unfortunately unable to see what we had come for: the dinosaurs! I’d like to think this was a blessing in disguise: if we’d waited in line for the dinosaurs, we may never have stumbled upon ‘the Vault’, a tiny little exhibition room hidden at the end of a very, very long hall dedicated to minerals. What the Vault lacks in size, it more than makes up for in terms of wow-factor. Rocks from Mars, glowing diamonds, and a teeny vial with what a little sign called ‘the oldest thing you will ever see’ … stardust dating roughly from the Big Bang.

Needless to say we were suitably impressed.
Not to mention the building itself, which is just gorgeous.


We tried to do the whole round of the museum, but it would have taken days!
So after a little bit of silliness, we were on our way.




I was desperate to see some of the more residential (read: famous) areas of London before we left, so we headed to Notting Hill for some lunch and beautiful views.



I’d read raving reviews about Taqueria on Westbourne Grove, and we were not disappointed. The food was so good that both Pieter and I fell into a delighted silence, broken only by groans about how delicious everything was. It was so good that I didn’t even take pictures – seriously, it was practically a spiritual experience.
You get the point.

Anyway … On our little stroll, I happened upon a funny little store that I couldn’t help but photograph.


Next it was off to Oxford Circus to brave the crowds and do some shopping. Luckily, we were both well rewarded for the effort!

There was some semi-serious talk of returning to Taqueria for dinner, but we were also craving bar food, so we gave GBK a try. This time, I was ready to capture any deliciousness that might come my way.
Which was fortunate, because it was another oh-my-goodness-this-food-is-so-good-I-can’t-think event.


What you see here is the ‘jolly cow’ (portobello mushroom sandwiched between melted blue cheese, topped with lettuce, garlic mayo and a home-made onion ring), the ‘sliders’ (three mini burgers for optimal tasting), and a side of onion rings. What you don’t see is our other side – chunky fries – and our blue cheese dipping sauce. It was that kind of evening!

We were much better behaved the next morning, and decided to better explore the area where we’d been staying.





Beautiful and drool-inducing!
It was the perfect trip – I’m already missing it! On the bright side, they’re predicting 20 degrees here in the Netherlands on Sunday. Extra motivation to get my work done before then?

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