Sunshine, sushi and smiles

The title says it all – and unapologetically, I might add!
It seems that, in honour of the new king, the sun has finally decided to set up camp over the Netherlands. I may very well curse myself for writing this in a moment, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take, if only to share some of the gorgeous sights I’ve had the chance to encounter this week.



On top of the great evening I had with my friends in Delft on Monday, I got to see another friend on Friday: the lovely Nicole came to visit! We caught up over delicious Ichiban sushi, took full advantage of the sun, and treated ourselves to the latest Nicholas Sparks – ‘Safe Haven’. I’m a sucker for chick flicks, so obviously I loved it!



With the warming weather, girls are shedding their boots and their coats and are emerging in bright pants and little dresses, and it somehow has suddenly become bikini season in all of the shops … Right at the moment where I’ve discovered an old, favourite pair of jeans of mine, which very mysteriously no longer fit! What’s a food fanatic such as myself to do?

I explained the dilemma to Pieter and he had the ultimate solution: sushi.
Two nights of sushi in a row? Yes please!




This time we made our own and, not to brag or anything (except I am totally bragging), but we’ve become rather good at it. One thing I’m still working on: portion control … It may very well never happen.

Today was Liberation Day and, much like on Queen’s day, markets and fairs and so many food stands were scattered around the city. Pieter and I happily stepped out into the sun for an afternoon of liberation-day fun. We weren’t the only ones!





As fate would have it, this time there were olibollen (deep fried dough balls) aplenty, but we found an even better treat: the Koffie Leute. It was a little stand where you could choose your own coffee beans, grind them and then make the coffee yourself. I got Rwandan beans, which were really rich and delicious.



Now that I’ve only got a thesis left to write in my Master’s, it can be easy for me to feel like every day is the same, but actually there is a lot of variety and delight in the everyday! Something I may not remember tomorrow …

Photo on 2013-05-03 at 15.52 #2

It’s always a party at the press room, clearly!

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