Wild & outdoorsy

As with most of my posts, I’m going to start this particular entry with a remark on the weather.
It has been hot. Actually no-jacket-required, sweat-inducingly hot.
Accordingly, I’ve been spending a lot of time outside.

Sunday was Pieter’s Oma’s 89th birthday party, and the whole family made the trip over to her house for a day of celebration. There was coffee, there was sunshine, there was table tennis … And there was an abundance of cake. (I’m still holding fairly strong on the ‘diet’, but it’s conceivable that a piece found its way into my mouth. Through no fault of my own, of course.)
A similar event was held last year around the same date, and on that day not only was I meeting everybody for the first time, but I also couldn’t string together more than five words of Dutch.
Granted, I still don’t do much speaking, but now understanding takes about 1/20th of the effort it used to! Not to brag or anything.

We met at Pieter’s parents to bum a ride and before getting into the car, I got to enjoy a few minutes in their garden, which I just love! They also happen to have chickens, which is always a plus in my opinion.


Following in my outdoorsy streak, I met my old housemate for dinner in the park on Monday. We’d been planning to head to Ichiban for some take-out, but as fate would have it, they’re closed on Mondays! Instead, we tried a Nepalese place called Everest Tandoori, and it was a definite hit. The food smelled so good that we were visited by every dog within a 500-meter radius throughout the evening. It was also so good that I didn’t stop long enough to wipe my fingers of the samosa grease to take a picture of it …
But here we are, stuffed and happy.


Throughout the week I’d been anxiously awaiting my thesis feedback, all gurgle-y-stomached and racing heart and sweaty palms … Only to receive it in the middle of the party Sunday! After that, it was another two agonizing days of waiting for a meeting with my advisor.
All the drama was really unnecessary – I have a LOT of work to do, but my prof gave me such helpful feedback and so many useful resources that I’m almost looking forward to getting back to it.

I came out of that meeting feeling practically manic with relief; a coffee by the canal with a friend was just what I needed. He’s also recently had his meeting, so naturally we compared our experiences, right down to our prof’s choice of words and subtle shifts in posture.
That’s not even a huge exaggeration.



(I didn’t have my camera on me, but my cellphone still does an okay job I think.)

I never know how to end my posts, so I guess I’ll close the way I started – with more weather talk. As of this afternoon, it’s started raining again. At least that should restore some of the discipline I seem to have lost recently!

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