Canadians reunited

I’ve been away from the blog the past week or so because one of my best friends in the world was staying with me. Katelyn braved the long flight from the West coast of Canada to interview specialists on cerebral palsy here in the Netherlands. She had an incredibly busy schedule, but honoured me with her spare time by bunking with me in Leiden. It was so good to see each other again after well over a year – as usual, it was as if no time had passed.


(Picture courtesy of the Katerz!)

We wandered the streets of Leiden and even trekked up to Groningen for an evening of sushi and catch-up with our beautiful friends there. The week went by altogether too quickly, but I am so grateful for it. To make matters even better, the sun shone the entire time! Katelyn took a lot of gorgeous pictures and I think I’ll be back to share some of those, but for now here are a few highlights from our time together.

Katelyn’s lovely family sent over some magnificent chocolates and toffee. Thank you Marie, Gus and Alexa!


We shared a picnic by a canal …


… and did some frolicking.


I stalked a little bit.


We revisited some old haunts, like the Pieterskerk.



In Groningen, we topped off our sushi with drinks at the Drie Gezusters, in their library-themed room.


On our last morning (this morning, sadly!) we had gigantic cappuccinos at the Bagels & Beans by the Botermarkt (literally: butter market).



Then, all too soon, it was time to say goodbye. I’ll be back to share some more pictures soon! For now, as I’m sure you can predict, it’s down to the wire with my thesis!

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