Family road trip: Montreal

I’m back home in Toronto for a couple weeks so, for this post, I’m stepping out of my clogs and into some … snowshoes! (Or some other more ‘typical Canadian’ foot attire.)

My parents, my sister and I took a weekend trip up to Montreal to see family – it had, as usual, been far too long. My aunt, uncle and cousin treated us to three magnificent meals, including maple teriyaki salmon on the barbecue, blue cheese & porto with nut bread, mint zucchini pasta, and an incredible chocolate cake. When we piled ourselves back into the car this afternoon, none of us had any appetite for a solid hour. That may be a record as far as our family road trips go!

I thought I’d do a short write-up about the old Montreal, as we went down there on Saturday afternoon and it was my first time seeing it. We’ll be back to our regular Dutch-themed posts soon I promise!



Almost immediately after having parked the car, we stumbled on the Marché Bonsecours. Stands were set up outside the building, offering maple syrup and ice wine and cider. My mum and I found ourselves enjoying a dégustation (tasting) well before noon … A fine way to start a leisurely touristy stroll! The vendors were very friendly and not at all pushy, which was nice. We enjoyed the stands so much that we ended up circling back before we left to get some delicious sparkling ice wine.




Having sampled all we could, we joined my sister and my dad along the streets of the old city, admiring the quaint little buildings, the cobblestone and the street performers.



We doubled back to explore the old port.


I was particularly enamoured of the Rue des artistes, where artists were selling their work.


A small little market place is nestled within a courtyard on that street and displays handmade jewellery, clothes and other pieces. It was definitely aimed at tourists, but the market itself was just beautiful.



Having feasted our eyes (and surprisingly not our stomachs) on all we could see, we took a seat on the square in front of the Basilique Notre-Dame. Unfortunately the church was closed for a wedding, but it was still impressive from the outside!



We returned to the car on the main road, leaving the old buildings behind.
Montreal really is a beautiful city, and one that I still hardly know. I was glad to be able to combine a much-needed visit with my family with a bit of touristy activity! I was also very, very glad for that Roquefort Papillon …


Fortunately my Grand-Papa made me a whole tin of his caramels to help make the separation easier!

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